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Frequently Asked Questions

Sturgeon Moon Consulting Frequently Asked Questions

Question # 1

• What does Sturgeon Moon Do?

Answer: We do cost effective execution of concepts or processes.
We also do schedule recovery and loss mitigation.
As well as Maintenance and Reliability program launch or analysis.

Question # 2

• Can Sturgeon Moon help me? Who does Sturgeon Moon work with?

Answer: New or growing manufacturing company with new product or process implementation.
New or growing contractor spread a little thin or facing liquidated damages.
Property developer or manager looking for maintenance management or
contractor selection.

Question # 3

• What will my cost be? Can it save my company money?

Answer: First off, we offer Free Consultation.
Next, we promise, in writing, cost neutral execution (your savings will exceed our fee)
The results? Avoidance or Reduction of liquidated damages.

Question # 4

• How long will it take to save money or stop my losses?

Answer: Recovery strategies are executed in stages combining small controllable changes for maximum effect with minimum expense.
We pride ourselves in providing exceptional communication, in writing. Our schedule will spell out how long our recovery strategies will take.

Question # 5

• What is the story behind our name Sturgeon Moon?

The agricultural society of early Americans used the 30-day lunar [moon] cycles to identify harvest, hunting and fishing seasons. The "Sturgeon Moon", the full moon of August was known for its prosperous catches of fish.

The sturgeon fish species has survived for over 200 million years. They are among the longest living fish, and are known for their peculiar ability to produce reproductively viable hybrids allowing it to survive in changing environmental conditions.

We chose the name Sturgeon Moon because we believe that adaptability, achieved through small consistent improvements, and sustainability are the keys to prospering and succeeding on today's business environment.


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